The authors I’ve worked with commend my quick turnaround, attention to detail, professionalism and reliability. I’ve been recommended by publishers to those seeking quality line editing. No manuscript or project is too small to receive my eagle-eyed attention.

Robert Fate Bealmear

Anita Beery is the best. I would never consider releasing a manuscript to agent, publisher, or reader until Anita has performed her magic. She is thorough, fast, unblushingly candid, and much, much more than a comma/grammar specialist. She’s a reader with a sharp eye; her catches are smart, her suggestions are thoughtful. And did I mention she’s honest, and has a great sense of humor? My hope is she will edit this blurb to make me look good.
Robert Fate

Robert Fate is the Author of
Baby Shark series
Baby Shark
Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues
Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption
Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border

Although my publisher has talented (and accurate) proofreaders on staff, I want my manuscript to be in the best condition possible when it is sent to the publisher for the first time.  Since the writer is the worst proofreader possible, I relied on Anita Beery to proof my recent non-fiction book and she did a great job.  She not only caught a lot of my misplaced punctuation, a few inconsistencies and syntax problems, among other things, but she did it in record time, as I was behind on the book and facing a fast approaching deadline.  I was complimented by my publisher on the excellent quality of my manuscript, and I must credit Anita with having a taken part in that result.  Anita is the consummate professional and a good friend, whom I have known for more than thirty years.
Nancy Burgess

Nancy Burgess is the Author of
Ranch Dog
A Photographic Tour of 1916 Prescott Arizona
An Illustrated History of Mayer, Arizona

Alex Cole
Senior Editor

You cannot do better than put your manuscript under the scrutiny of Ms. Beery's experienced eyes. She can find all your grammar eccentricities, language lapses, plot holes, idiosyncratic phrases, and comb your hair all at the same time. She has done the copy editing on each of my three novels and I wouldn't send my work to anyone else.

Bruce Cook, sometimes known as Brant Randall

Dr. Bruce Cook is the Author of
Philippine Fever
Tommy Gun Tango
Blood Harvest

Anita Beery is an amazing proofer of the written mistake. She took my novel, The Storyteller II: Chicago Blood and found every single spelling error and turned what could have been a tragedy into a best selling novel. I would highly recommend Anita for all your editing needs and in fact have, to many of my fellow authors. She is a true gem, highly polished and gleaming with perfection.

Erik J. Ekstrom is the author of The Storyteller series, the highly acclaimed children’s series Pug Tails, and a new psychological thriller series featuring one of the best detective minds of all literature.

All of his works are available on Mr. Ekstrom’s new novel Everett Holmes: Sanctuary of the Damned is due out in summer 2012.
Erik Ekstrom

Erik Ekstrom is the Author of
Forged Fingerprint Killer
The Storyteller
The Storyteller 2 Chicago Blood

Gwen Freeman

Gwen Freeman is the Author of
Murder Suicide Whatever
Crazy Fool Kills Five  

Jeff Gafford

Anita Beery is an incredible asset for any author. I proofread my manuscript at least three times before I sent it to her, and she rooted out and corrected so many spelling, grammar and style issues that I was embarrassed at my own lack of skill in that department. She is a very kind and patient lady who will answer any question you may have, no matter how silly that question may seem, and never let you think for a moment that you're bothering her. And the price! I challenge you to find a better price for the quality of service she provides.

Jeff Gafford is the Author of

Billy Hayes
When I asked my old friend and writer, Robert Fate, if he knew a good copyreader, he instantly suggested Anita Beery. Now that I've worked with her, I understand his enthusiasm. Anita's discerning eye, professional attitude and great sense of humor made her a joy to work with and I strongly recommend her....Billy Hayes

Billy Hayes is the Author of
Midnight Express
Midnight Return

Nadine Laman
Owner & Acquisitions Editor
(Anita Beery is the proofreader for Cactus Rain Publishing)

The Lacemaker's Daughter

There is no book manuscript written that Anita can't identify something in to correct or improve upon. And believe me, I've tried. She's saved me several times from those "stealth" typos that spellcheck doesn't detect and inconsistencies that most mere mortals -- including both friends and paid professionals -- simply miss.

Three words: Worth. Every. Penny.

Jeffrey Leever

Jeffrey Leever is the Author of
Dark Friday
The University

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